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I have created this blog to help create awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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- Surviving in social situations
- Hobbies/Obsessions and Interests
- School/Life
- Communication - Social skills - Understanding spoken and unspoken language norms.
- Sensory Issues/ sound, smell, sight, taste, feel, (textures) - the ability to experience heightened senses - and coping with the strong diversions (intolerance)
- Importance of Routine and Structure
- Friendships
- Coping with Meltdowns and dealing with the aftermath (consequences - I.e Social embarrassment)
- Dealing with people who do not acknowledge the existence of The Autism Spectrum (ASD). People who therefore are unable to acknowledge the rhyme and reasons for your differences.

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Poem about Aspergers - written by me

Hello again. :)
Today I'm sharing with you my poem I have written about my Aspergers :)
Enjoy :)

I am different in many ways.
Some of those ways,
Affect the way I behave.
I can be crazy,
I can be clever,
But then there are days I'm under the weather.

I can be awkward, I can be shy,
Someday I'm really sad,
and I want to cry.
This is when, it gets to much,
feeling alone, when it all gets too tough.
Being misunderstood, affects us very much.

I use up a lot of energy everyday.
Trying to learn and communicate effectively.
With neuro typical people in society.

Another thing is,
I have trouble with eye contact,
It's not that I'm rude.
It's just a hard thing for me to do.

Jokes and pranks, make me very vulnerable,
Because I take things literally.
But it doesn't mean I'm dumb,
It just means I think your serious.
When you tell me something,
But you just joking for fun.

I have special interests,
One or two.
I'm actually very good at,
What I choose to do.

Look at famous people with Aspergers!
Such as Bill Gates and our history's scientists!

I may talk a little too much at times,
But I am interesting so that's a plus!
So don't be put off!
I am good company,
I'm fun to be around,
And I have many good qualities.

You need to know!
Aspergers is not a weakness.
It is an amazing personality!
I wouldn't have it any other way,
If I did, I wouldn't be who I am today!


  1. Thank you, by golly!
    That's good, Miss Molly
    It tells us that's true,
    How it is for you!
    Asperger's pains,
    Its losses and gains
    How much we lose
    That brings us the blues
    Eye contact too,
    Is difficult to do,
    An amazing view
    Of all you can do!

  2. There is a group on FB that may interest you--Writers on the autistic Spectrum.
    You would be most welcome there.