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Friday, August 3, 2012

The Mental Health System

Last week my mum contacted Mental Health here to see if I could go back. I was dissmissed from seeing a physiatrist there after they assumed I didn't need anymore help and because I was too old to be seen.

That was last year. I have faced apon new struggles. I have been hit with Depression again after sometime and my anxiety is unbearable.
I am struggling to see positives, all I do is dwell on the negatives. I have lost all interest in my hobbies that entertained and kept me happy.
It is very common for children and adults on the Autism Spectrum to have low serotonin levels in their brain. Therefore mum and I think I should have my medication reviewed and have alternative Antidepressants introduced.

The medication I am taking is: 20mg Lexapro (Maximum dosage) and 1.5mg of Rispirodol.
I feel the Lexapro is doing nothing at all. I was previously taking 10mg. 
2 years ago it was increased to 20mg. It is unsafe to increase it passed the maximum dosage requirement. Its time I had it changed.
Mum recieved a phone call yesterday from the head of Mental Health after my issues were taken to the board to be assessed. He simply said. The medications fine. Its appropiate. There is no need for us to see Molly.

That is the biggest thing that ticks me off! After all the issues and troubles I explained to the lady on the phone last week. he thinks its fine!? He hasn't even met me, how would he know!
That brings me back to an experience last year.
I was seen by a physiatrist for a medication review and he refused to change anything, because in the first five minutes he met me, he observed, that I was simply, just painfully shy!
I am very disappointed because I feel like the system doesn't care. they are suppose to help people, not shoo them away when they defiantly need help!

I am seeing a psychologist however through a private practice. This lady I see has no control over my medication. She costs over $150 a session which it is hard for my mum to afford. Therefore I can only see her every 2-3 weeks. There also is limited amount of sessions you can have with her a year. About 10-12.

Please share your stories.

~ Molly xo


  1. Are you able to see just a GP about your medication? I am on a medication for anxiety and depression I got from immobility due to a broken leg (I didn't work nor couldn't do much for 4 months) and I'm prescribed by my GP. I also see a psychologist under a mental health care plan which is 10 visits (with rebate of about 80 from Medicare). Hope my information can help.

  2. Hi Tara, I am really sorry I haven't replied until now, I only just found your comment.
    My GP has increased my dosage of Risperadol to 2mg and it has helped. And I have been accepted back at Mental Health and I am being seen by a really good psychologist.
    Thank you for your help :)
    And I hope your leg is better and your feeling better.

  3. I'm glad to see you are getting better help. My son sees a therapist once a week and he is no longer on any medications because they made his condition with depression worse. His does however take Xanax as needed for severe anxiety attacks. He doesn't have to take them often, only when he's around alot of noise and people like at the mall. He was isolated for a while and finished his schooling online, but he is gradually getting out there again, he has joined a group with others like himself that do fun things on a monthly basis. I hope you continue to improve .

  4. Hi Debra. thank you. I am doing much better, my phychologist has been a tremendous help and the increase of my medication has made me feel better. I still how ever suffer terrible anxiety when I am around a lot of people I don't know, I would look into the Xanax but most feel I am already on enough medication.
    I am glad your son is getting better, this group sounds wonderful.
    I have actually done homeschooling during high school (you may of read in my first post) I am now doing my last year of school through a program with tafe and school.
    I hope things keep getting better for your son.