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Hello there, welcome to my blog Miss Molly and Aspergers! My name is Molly and I am a teenage girl with Aspergers Syndrome.

I have created this blog to help create awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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Why you may find use in my blog:
Insight, support, self-research/experience and understanding (awareness) will be covered in the content of Miss Molly and Aspergers, including the following subjects and more:

- Bullying/dealing with peers
- Surviving in social situations
- Hobbies/Obsessions and Interests
- School/Life
- Communication - Social skills - Understanding spoken and unspoken language norms.
- Sensory Issues/ sound, smell, sight, taste, feel, (textures) - the ability to experience heightened senses - and coping with the strong diversions (intolerance)
- Importance of Routine and Structure
- Friendships
- Coping with Meltdowns and dealing with the aftermath (consequences - I.e Social embarrassment)
- Dealing with people who do not acknowledge the existence of The Autism Spectrum (ASD). People who therefore are unable to acknowledge the rhyme and reasons for your differences.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Introduction - Aspergers Me

My name is Molly.

For as long as I can remember I have always been different. I have had a battle with fitting in for my whole life.

My family and I have moved around so much.
I have been to so many schools and every time I went to begin a new school.
I would say to myself;
"this is a fresh start Molly. If you you change the way you act. Think before you do or say anything. You will be accepted. You will make friends at this new school".
This never worked. I always spoke what I thought. I didn't know then. This was something you were not suppose to do. 
I got bullied at every primary school I went to, because they didn't understand me.

In 2008 I left mainstream school. I began homeschooling through distance education.
I really gave my mum some hell. However we pushed through the struggles and I managed to completed year 10 of high school.

I am now in year 11. I have made an integration into TAFE to complete my last two years of high school.

Somehow I changed through my duration of Distance Education.
I taught myself 'the think before you act' rule. I use to be a crazy kid. Now I have turned myself into this quiet, shy, mature person. This however only applies around people who are not my family, lol.

I am a teenage girl with Aspergers Syndrome.
Aspergers is an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

I now realise I made a mistake. I never told anyone in primary school I had Aspergers. 
I was always concerned when my mum mentioned it to someone. 
Maybe if I said something then they would know why I behaved that way. 
However I was young and so were and they. They would not have really known what Aspergers was, nor did I really. 

People with Aspergers (Not all these traits will apply to every Aspie):
  • Can be hypersensitive: ie; sensitive to loud noises, can get emotional easily
  • Find it hard to make and keep friends
  • Find it hard to hold and keep eye contact, read and understand facial expressions and body language.
  • Have an absence feeling of empathy or a prevalence of too much empathy. (Certain triggers set of our empathy. For example when I found an old picture of my cat. I never grieved until then. I broke down and cried for days when I found this)
  • Do not get hints and social cues.
  • Can have great intellectual capabilities
  • Have good memories and ability to retain knowledge
  • Can be very literal; such as with jokes and pranks
  • Develop special interests which Aspies have great ability to have a full focus of. (Aspies can be very successful because of this capability because of their obsessiveness over one hobby/interest).
  • Begin speaking at early age or usual age (Unlike Autism as Autistic children usually beginning speaking at a later age).
  • Can have rigid and inflexible thinking: Can not get Aspie to change their idea or thoughts on a situation.

I have created this blog with intention to help other people and teenagers with Aspergers like me. I want you to know there are more people out there then you know.

I understand what it is like to:
  • Not be accepted or understood by your peers
  • Be made fun of and bullied because you see things differently to others
  • Feel like you have a label which will be with you all your life (You need to bring it up as an excuse for the way you may have behaved in a situation).
  • Feel like you have to do things a certain way no matter how silly it appears to others.
  • Be pushed around from one psychologist to another, a never ending battle to find stability in the Mental Heath System.
  • Feel embarrassed after meltdowns which you feel like you can not control them.
  • Feel frustrated when you cannot get people to understand how you see a situation

I have so much more to share, but for now this will be my introduction. Please follow and feel free to leave a comment. I would love to hear from you! :)


  1. well done Miss Molly..I am proud of you xx

  2. well done Molly. This is great xx

  3. You are a beautiful and good natured person Molly.
    What a brilliant idea sharing your experience and knowledge
    with others,well done.

  4. What a wonderful idea you've had Molly, please keep it up and get the word out. Well done!

  5. Hi Molly,
    I think it's so great that you're willing to share yourself and your experiences and I'm sure you will be a help and comfort to others in the same situation.
    Keep up the good work!

  6. Thank you Lesley.. I will. :)

    Hi The Handmaden, yes I would. <3

    I am very happy with the responses I am getting with this blog. It is just what I hoped for.

    Thank you everyone for all your support!

    x Molly