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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Most Common Cause Aspie's are Bullied

A majority of teens and children with Aspergers can be accurately described as being socially naive, meaning that they are not street smart and they are unquestioning of peers. This naivety and their great need to belong often leaves Aspies open to being set up or manipulated by peers.

Aspies are often targeted and manipulated by bullies. They are susceptible to pranks and easy to fool. This leaves them open to being misled and forced into situations where they may exhibit reactions and or emotions uncharacteristic of neurotypical people.

"Aspies have limited social understanding, they do not recognize social meaning, context, cues and consequences." (Tony Attwoods, 2008)
The targeted Aspie is left feeling humiliated and wounded when the social consequences set in.
Adults or peers who were not witness to the situation take for granted the Aspie’s ability to negotiate social situations.

Can you relate?

~ Molly xo


  1. Yes, I can relate. It is why I pulled my son out of traditional school after 4th grade & have homeschooled him ever since. He is now graduating HS from a virtual academy that has more difficult & higher graduation requirements than our local high school.
    --An Aspie Mom

  2. My son is 11 and in fifth grade. I can relate he's came home from school excited about a new joke he learned not realizing it was making fun of him. I worry more and more the older he gets. He starts middle school next year and I'm terrified of what he's going to go through. Not to mention the change alone is enough to upset him. Anyone with any tips on how they dealt with changes like this please let me know.

    1. I have had a similar experience with my son. I spent a lot of time at the school with him outside school hours. He got used to the environment first and found some "safe" places to go when he was over stimulated or hassled.

  3. i fought back when bullied and never have had much problem after the first encounter with each bully and ended up friends with some even after a couple very violent encounters

  4. My husband who is 24 now was bullied all through middle school and high school... he was shoved in lockers, the butt of many jokes, beat up, even tossed in a trash can and thrown down the stairs. People didn't know what was "wrong" with him so they called him gay. People were really cruel. Now that people we went to school with have gotten to know him better through facebook, they understand why he was always a little "different" and respect him for it now. It's a shame it took all these years for that to happen.
    You're in my prayers... I can't imagine the frustration you must feel on a daily basis. Please... keep blogging your experiences. I'll let my husband know about your blog and maybe he can offer some insight. God Bless.

  5. I am that person in the above post, and going through that period of being bullied, I didn't know who I could turn too, and relate with. It was so hard trying to make friends because I didn't feel like I connected with anyone my own age. The thing is is that it made me more able to talk with the adults in my life, and I have many great adult friends who I now work with, and those peers of mine who bullied me in HS know that the Aspergers that I have was a blessing and not a curse.

  6. My daughter is 12 and un 6th grade. We have been lucky so far as many students at her school actually look out for her well being. But I am very worried about high school as it will be a totally new group of kids.. Good luck all!! :-)

  7. Dear Miss Molly,

    My name is John and I am an Aspie who lives in N.E. Ohio U.S.A. I am writing this to you because I am a fan of your blog and of you in general. Not really sure where to send this so i will post it here I think your blog is one the best blogs on the Internet. From reading your blog you have done things and are doing things that I only wish I could do. I can relate to you in general because I know what it's like to have fellow classmates and yes even teachers bully me for having a disability in general. I know what it is like because your an Aspie to be the only person in your class to not be invited to a party then on the following week you get to hear your classmates talk about the great party the you were not invited to was. I know what it is like to have classmates steal your books, lunch, and, other things. I do know that because of all of the people that have treated me poorly through out my life and all the people that in 2013 would much rather do people like us that are aspies in then anything else I cannot leave my apartment without having my Android phone fully charged so I can turn up the volume in my headphones so I can block out the world around me. I would love to talk to you online sometime. It would brighten up my whole life. Now days I think the true only friend I have is my 55 year old nab or. Everyone else that considers me a friend is just more of a HI\BYE friend. You know the type of person that when you see them you only see them for less then five minuets. As I am writing this to you one of my HI\BYE friends is screwing me over. I know that if I had an Aspie like you in my life I might be more of a people person. I do not have love in my life because my ex-girlfriend broke up with me for being an Aspie NOT for having a disability in general but, because she has Cerebral Palsy and cannot use 95% of her body. She made me feel like Aspies like us cannot love and are not capable of love. She is still my dream date. I am sharing all this with you because you are not the only one in the world that has to deal people who treat us bad because we are aspies and because I honestly want to be one your friends even if it is just online friends. Well Molly I am going end this letter by saying that I hope to hear from you soon and, by asking you to please keep doing your blog?