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Thursday, August 2, 2012


Bullying is a major concern for Aspies
It is common for us to be bullied, humiliated and harassed. Simply because many people do not understand us or want to understand us.

In my experience even when I have explain to a person my different behaviors and reasons I act this way.
Most of the adolescences (even adults) who have bullied me have chosen not to understand.
I believe this is because they are scared of the unknown and are close-minded. 
Instead of learning about Aspergers they find it easier to ignore the information we provide.
Bullying occurs as a result. This is because they haven't learn how certain things we do are not to annoy them or irritates them. They do not understand it is who we are, we cannot help but be ourselves.

This year I am facing a new school for the first time.
So far I have told my new peers about my Aspergers. I thought (as I mentioned in my very first blog post);
I was bullied and mistreated in primary school because I never told anyone I had Aspergers. Therefore they didn't understand the way I did and perceived things.
So I this is why I decide to tell the people I meet. I told all of my peers I socialized with; I have Aspergers.
I've let them all know I am literal, and that I can misunderstand unclear or unspecific instructions.
Yet it is just as it was back in primary school.
It has worked out no better then if they didn't know at all I have Aspergers.
Reason being they won't take the time to listen to me or interpret the information I have told them.

I have tried sharing these posts on Facebook. However there are people who just do not care.
You can spread awareness as much as you like. However you cannot possibly make them understand unless they actually want to listen or read the information.

I have figured this:
Those who matter will listen and read because they care about you, and how being misunderstood affects you.
I see it this way: If someone hasn't taken the time to read or listen to the information you provided for them. Yet they continue to play pranks on you and tell you confusing jokes, even when you've told them hundreds of times, you are literal.
They are not worth anything to you. because this proves they simply DO NOT CARE.

What do you do about people who do not care about you? You do not care about them back!

In my experience. I like people to like me. Therefore I am nice to absolutely everyone at my own expense.
Constantly I find myself letting people get away with trampling all over me like I'm a door mat.

I worry about what people would do and say if I stood up to them. I never want the peace being disturbed and people not liking me.
So I let everyone get away with everything they do to me. This is when I am lucky to have my amazing mum.
Even when I say: No! do not intervene, just let it go!
She will ignore what I have said and go ahead with getting authority involved. This is because she knows I will keep getting treated badly until I have stood up for myself.
I never did this because I have always worried I will get someone in trouble.

I understand what I HEAR. Usually I cannot pick the MEANING behind what I hear.
If someone is being nice and encouraging me to do things, I will think it is because they are being genuine and are excited by what I can do.
However time after time it turns out it was a plan to humiliate and embarrass me.

Let your parents intervene!
If they don't, because you want everything to be calm, and want to be liked.
People will think they can do anything to you and they won't ever stop! So stand up for yourself! 
If you cannot do it on your own, please let your parents, guardians or a trusted relation help.

Do not worry what others say, they don't matter to you.
You will not be in school your whole life!
There is a huge world out there beyond the school yard and classroom.
So do the best you can in school. Achieve at what you are good at!
You will be able to succeed in life, look back and be grateful you spent more time worrying about your future beyond school instead of trying to fit in and be liked.

I can also tell you now. Yes there are many people out there who do not want to understand you. However that is not to say there isn't!
There are many people, just as many out there who are open-minded, caring, understanding, accepting, tolerant and appreciative.
Be yourself! The right people, these people, will come to you in time. Continue to be your amazing self who has so many brilliant qualities. You will attract these people. Just as I have done.

I have had bad experiences with many bullies, close-minded and nasty people. However I have just as many if not more people who love me for who I am and appreciate my Aspergers qualities. There is hope for you too!

I better finish this post now, before it gets any longer. Hehe.

- Molly xo

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