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Hello there, welcome to my blog Miss Molly and Aspergers! My name is Molly and I am a teenage girl with Aspergers Syndrome.

I have created this blog to help create awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

TIP: Search Aspergers on Facebook and you will find dozens of amazing communities and support networks! If you choose to interact in one of these communities, you may even make some great friends who are also Aspies, like I have.

Why you may find use in my blog:
Insight, support, self-research/experience and understanding (awareness) will be covered in the content of Miss Molly and Aspergers, including the following subjects and more:

- Bullying/dealing with peers
- Surviving in social situations
- Hobbies/Obsessions and Interests
- School/Life
- Communication - Social skills - Understanding spoken and unspoken language norms.
- Sensory Issues/ sound, smell, sight, taste, feel, (textures) - the ability to experience heightened senses - and coping with the strong diversions (intolerance)
- Importance of Routine and Structure
- Friendships
- Coping with Meltdowns and dealing with the aftermath (consequences - I.e Social embarrassment)
- Dealing with people who do not acknowledge the existence of The Autism Spectrum (ASD). People who therefore are unable to acknowledge the rhyme and reasons for your differences.

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Get to know me! Facts about me!

16 Facts About Me!
Not many of you know much about me and I really don't want to be known as Anonymous!
So.. I thought it would be a great idea to share some facts about me! I would really like to get to know you too! So feel free to leave some facts about you in the comments! :)

Fact 1: I am a huge animal lover! I love cats and frogs especially!
Fact 2: I love to photograph
Fact 3: I've lived in QLD, WA, NT, NSW and TAS! And visted everywhere else in Australia.
Fact 4: I'm probably one of the nicest people you will ever met.
Fact 5: I actually like school work.
Fact 6: One you all know: I have Aspergers and I am proud of it.
Fact 7: I've lived on an Aboriginal community and I learned part of their language.
Fact 8: I am 16 years old!
Fact 9: I find happiness in the simplest things
Fact 10: I am super shy when you first met me, but I am fun and crazy when I'm comfortable around you.
Fact 11: I am always honest to my friends, and they can trust me with anything.
Fact 12: My mum is my hero. ♥
Fact 13: I want to become a proffessional Jeweller
Fact 14: I appeciate my family and friends very much <3
Fact 15: I have the weirdest sense of humor! But my close friends love it!
Fact 16: I like to make jewellery in my spare time... Made from buttons!

Below is a picture of a necklace I made, and a picture I took of a rose from our garden.

Hand-dyed Rainbow Button Necklace

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