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Friday, June 15, 2012

My experience with school work

Hello everyone, today I would like to share my experiences with school work, as maybe you might be able to relate yourself or your children to what I have to share.

Being an Aspie I have a pretty cluey mind, I am great at Maths, and I put a lot of detail into my school work, also this detailing habit almost always means I go over the word limit by hundreds in my assignments and essays.

I have a lot of trouble getting all my work done in class time, as I like to perfect what I am doing, I am also very sensitive to noise and discussions between students in class as this can make it difficult for me to concentrate on the task in front of me.

I find, particularly during Maths class, I have to process the question in my own way. If I get distracted I just have to re work out the sum even if I have written half of it already.

I have struggles interpreting questions but once I know what it means and I understand what I have to do, it just clicks in my brain and I can work it all out really well.

Maths is my favourite subject by the way, all I can say is I find everything just fits together, unlike English where there is so many variations to one question, and theories I struggle upon the most. Theories are particuly challenging for Aspies, because we are very factual and literal. Thats why maths is great its all facts and figures..which means there is a straight answer.

I end up taking a lot of my work home to finish in my own time where I can concentrate better and work while not under pressure.

The hardest thing for me with school work is when we have to take notes from videos, I don't get enough time to process what is happening on the screen therefore I cannot drop down a note on it in time. And also because the one screen is being viewed by the whole class it is very impracticable for the other students and teacher for me to ask for it to be re-winded and paused in between doting down notes. Distance Education was a great advantage for me through out my time with Brisbane School of Distance Education, I had only myself to worry about and I could have as much time as I need and the free will to pause and rewind.

I would like to aware that, having a mind that processes slower by all means does not make you dumb, I get B's and A's when I allow myself time to work at my own pace by taking my assignments home to do. Aspies can be very intelligent people they just need to have adjusted working conditions to feel comfortable, and then they can really shine and produce some magnificent work.

What are your or your childrens experiences with school work? Please feel free to reply below I am always egar to here others experiences with Aspergers Syndrome. :)

- Molly

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