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Hello there, welcome to my blog Miss Molly and Aspergers! My name is Molly and I am a teenage girl with Aspergers Syndrome.

I have created this blog to help create awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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- Bullying/dealing with peers
- Surviving in social situations
- Hobbies/Obsessions and Interests
- School/Life
- Communication - Social skills - Understanding spoken and unspoken language norms.
- Sensory Issues/ sound, smell, sight, taste, feel, (textures) - the ability to experience heightened senses - and coping with the strong diversions (intolerance)
- Importance of Routine and Structure
- Friendships
- Coping with Meltdowns and dealing with the aftermath (consequences - I.e Social embarrassment)
- Dealing with people who do not acknowledge the existence of The Autism Spectrum (ASD). People who therefore are unable to acknowledge the rhyme and reasons for your differences.

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Motivation Tips for Study

I have a few tips to share that I use to help get me motivated to study or to work on assignments or homework.

1. Have a clean and tidy space to work in:
I find if my room and desk is messy and unclean I feel yuck. It is also a reminder of something I have do, which distracts my mind from concentrating on the work in front of me.

2. Have a quiet space away from distractions to work in (unless you enjoy noises such as music while studying):
Nothing stops me from getting my work done than a loud noise in the back ground or one of my kittens jumping around my room messing things up.
So close the doors or windows if there is noise outside, or turn the tv off or ask your family to quite things down.Or if your like me with a pet that runs a muck, pick them up and take them outside and shut the door.

3. Energies you brain:
 I am intolerant to caffeine, so I know of other alternatives to give yourself a boost.
The best alternative is: Mint!
Mint is known as an excellent brain stimulant. You can get this benefit of mint from herbal mint tea to drink before you start or sip during your study.
And lolly mints are great too. They are also good because having something in your mouth to chew on and taste helps many people to concentrate.

4. Have short breaks to refresh yourself:
10 to 15 minute breaks are great in between study. You can use this time to stretch and do some brief exercises and have a snack.
When choosing a snack opt for something like fruit and nuts.
Having a sugary snack such as a chocolate bar will give you initial energy but this energy is from sugar that is high GI which means you get this boost, but it won't last and you will end up having a real low.  Which could result in fatigue and lack of concentration. Fruits and nut sugars are low GI which means that when consumed you can sustain energy for longer.

5. Think about how you will feel once you have it all done:
You will have a weight lifted off your shoulders and you will have time to do what you like without worrying about the study you have to do.

I hope these will help you. Leave a comment below, if you like. I would love to know how you went or if you have anyone other tips to share. :)

~ Molly xo

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